About Petra Peacebuilders


petra VISION

A global humanitarian system will exist that enables peacebuilders to thrive with the personal and professional resources to operate with the inspiration and integrity necessary to effect lasting positive change in the world.

Petra Mission

Petra Peacebuilders aims to empower people building peace to transcend with breakthrough resilience in their global peacebuilding endeavors. We accomplish this by facilitating transformative experiences in the context of supportive relationships and creative collaboration.

Who is Petra?


Petra is comprised of experienced peacebuilders who are professionally trained to provide staff care for international humanitarian field personnel in ways that "normal" counselors and coaches cannot, by virtue of their specialized training in international conflict dynamics.

Petra professionals fill a crucial attrition gap in the sector by coming alongside high-potential humanitarian leaders on-site and off-site in a powerful, synergistic, support role of immense added value to maximize our effectiveness in global peacebuilding and conflict transformation together.

Who Does Petra Serve?

Global peacebuilders and frontline civilians are men and women across the globe, from both developed and emerging nations, who courageously work during both conflict and calm to promote peace and justice in their respective vocational communities at the local, regional and national levels. Their work is multi-faceted, incorporating relief aid, education, economics, government, infrastructure and nation building, and many other arenas.

In a spirit of humility and service, and with the conviction that the sector has a moral responsibility to take care of its own wounded and to help in the prevention of unnecessary wounding where possible, Petra Peacebuilders exists to serve these peacebuilders in order to maximize their highest potential.