What We Do


Petra Peacebuilders exists to provide resilience-oriented coaching, training, debriefing, and retreat encounters for burnout prevention. These types of interventions are critical for peacebuilders to function with positive healthy coping responses as they work in places where fieldwork takes a heavy toll. In collaboration with the existing structures for post-trauma counseling, the sector will be much better served, and in turn, will much better serve.

With time, we expect Petra to help catalyze sector-wide systems for staff care where peacebuilders have the personal and professional resilience tools they need.

Your donations of time, money and gifts-in-kind are investments in this groundbreaking work.


The international development and global humanitarian sector is tasked with "changing the world," yet its professionals are often barely hanging on due to the unrestrained nature of the violence, poverty and despair they face on a daily basis. These humanitarian professionals, most of whom are exceptionally well-trained and have invaluable experience, are burning out, dropping out, and sometimes even ending their own lives from crushing trauma and overwhelming stress. We do our work because we believe peacebuilders deserve it.

We also do our work because the humanitarian enterprise as a whole needs it. The billions of dollars spent annually on international aid and development do little good without trained professionals with the knowledge and expertise to skillfully implement effective programs -- this we already know. The current setup, however, is riddled with high attrition, leading to a woefully inadequate return on investment for private philanthropic donors as well as donor countries and their taxpayers; it also fails the receiving countries and the humanitarian sector itself.

As peacebuilders labor in these conditions day after day, year after year, Petra's supportive coaching and training keeps these professionals healthy with their hand to the plow for building a better world, all over the world.


Tools and training are important, but at Petra we believe that nothing is as effective for health, security and transformative growth as presence. Petra provides this critical presence through the coaching relationship. We place utmost value on life-on-life contact that enhances the peacebuilder's personal resilience and vitality and which adds momentum to the greater work. While we also provide training, it is provided within the overarching framework of a coaching context.

Ours is no ordinary coaching, however. Coaching for humanitarian professionals requires expert understanding of both cross-cultural field work as well as international politics and global conflict dynamics. Petra Peacebuilders provides highly specialized trauma-informed coaching to assist professionals in the humanitarian sector in crafting the contextualized strategies they need to stay effective and healthy in the field, even in the face of the surrounding threats.

Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient.