(Above: Malaga, Spain, home of Petra HQ)

As a courageous and creative peacebuilder, you are too important to labor in isolation. Petra is available to come alongside you to support you personally and professionally either online, at our training and retreat hub, or right there in your own context.

Online coaching

Online presence and coaching is our most flexible option that allows you to access the support you need from anywhere on the planet where you can get an online connection, thanks to 21st century technology.

One of the most effective models we've found is a longer-term coaching relationship that begins with online coaching in your field context, centers on a training retreat halfway through, and then finishes with more online coaching back in your field context to solidify your learning and transformation. In this way, you benefit from sustained coaching with minimal expense over an extended period, yet actually meet face-to-face with Petra staff (and your Petra cohort) where you get some needed R&R within the wider experience of an intentional growth journey. A hybrid online/in-person model enables Petra to combine our values of high-touch impact with responsible cost-effective financial stewardship.

The hybrid model obviously combines online and face-to-face. But if the face-to-face component isn't an option for you, we are happy to stick to online-only. Our main concern is that you get the support you need, in whatever way possible. Thanks to technology, we can do this.

Come to Us

There are times when you simply need to get out of your environment for a break. Sure, you can head to the capital city or another regional escape point, but how intentional are you being about self-care and getting needed support during those times?

Petra is incorporated in the United States, though we chose southern Europe as Petra's operational hub – Malaga, Spain, to be exact. Easy access to Malaga from Europe, Africa and Asia makes it a perfect hub for Petra's operations. Besides, southern Spain is rightly one of the holiday capitals of Europe for its sunny weather, convenient location, warm culture and great food. Strategically-speaking, we consider Malaga to be virtually perfect.

"Somos Malaga" - We are Malaga

Our services are tailored to your needs, so contact us and we'll chat about whether a visit to Spain might be a good choice for you. And if you're at a point where you need a longer off-site recovery with us for more intentional reflection and decision-making, we'll help with that too.

We Come to You

We understand that you can't always just pick up and leave. But that doesn't mean you can't get the help and intervention you need. If online support isn't enough, and if the circumstances warrant a site visit, we come to you.