Professional Print Resources for Trauma and Resilience

Many excellent resources have been developed for the global humanitarian community. Here are some of the best from top-notch organizations, right at your fingertips.

The Headington Institute

The Headington Institute has been caring for humanitarian workers and first responders for decades. They are highly recognized in this field and have a wealth of resources available to you at no charge.

Click the blue sub-headings below to access the following titles and much more from the Headington Institute's free Online Training Center.



      Social Support and Relationships

      Spirituality, Meaning and Purpose

      Health and Wellbeing

      The Good and Bad News about Resilience

Stress & Burnout


      How Stressed Are You? (Self-Test)

      Understanding and Coping with Traumatic Stress

      Understanding and Coping with Travel Stress

      Analyze Your Job Stress (Self-Test)

      What To Do About Burnout?

      Preventing Burnout

Trauma and Critical Incidents


      After a Critical Incident

      Understanding Allostatic Load

      Trauma and Critical Incident Care

      Helping Aid Workers and Their Children Cope with Disaster

Vicarious Trauma


      What is Vicarious Trauma?

      Understanding and Addressing Vicarious Trauma

      Transforming Vicarious Trauma

      Vicarious Trauma: What Can Managers Do?

Women and Gender


      Key Messages on Sexual Assault

      Sexual Harassment in the Humanitarian Context

      Gender-Based Violence and the Humanitarian Community

For a full list of resources from the Headington Institute, including instructional videos, visit their Resource Index here.