Meet Jose & Josh, Petra's Summer 2016 Interns

While the rest of Spain was taking it easy in Summer 2016, Petra was kicking it into high gear with two Rotary Peace Fellows doing their official Applied Field Internship (AFE) in Malaga, Spain with Petra Executive Director Bianca Neff.

Meet Jose Alvarado and Josh Campbell: These guys were superstars! It's hard to believe exactly how far Petra was able to advance last summer, thanks to their critical contributions.


Taking Care of Business!

Here are some highlights of what the 3 of us were able complete from June to August:

  • Developed Petra's 5-year Strategic Plan, complete with strategic assessment, strategic goals & indicators, sector-wide Problem Tree, Logic Model, and SWOT analysis 
  • Researched 3 primary themes of 1) Sector Needs, 2) Best Practices and 3) Resilience Services & Resources
  • Launched a series of educational and advocacy videos on the sector's need for peacebuilder and humanitarian resilience
  • Launched the Petra website in Spanish
  • Established an annual operations budget to begin fundraising in earnest
  • Compiled a client referral & resource database of mental health & resilience resources
  • Assembled Ascend, Petra's upcoming pilot project, complete with program design, budget, plan of operations, and top-quality monitoring & evaluation (M&E) standards
  • Began the program design matrix for Thrive, Petra's Resilience Coaching Program


Joshua Campbell

Joshua Campbell

About Josh:

Rotary Peace Fellow studying in Tokyo, Japan

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska

Left Petra to continue field research throughout Morocco before returning to Tokyo


Jose Alvarado Cobar

Jose Alvarado Cobar

About Jose:

Rotary Peace Fellow studying at the Rotary Peace Center in Uppsala, Sweden

Originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala

Now doing additional field internship in Amman, Jordan



So, to Josh and Jose: Thank you, thank you, a million times THANK YOU for an unforgettable summer together. You are loved and so very appreciated!


Call for Interns & Volunteers

And to the rest of you: We want internships to be a regular part of our operations so that current and future peacebuilders inherit Petra's 'DNA' and thus possess a resilience-informed approach to their work.

Can you recommend any bright, talented, motivated students from ages 20 through to PhD level?

Contact us at for a preliminary chat!